[2015 May] Various scripts

Post date: 07-May-2015 15:10:23

Occasionally, I write linux bash scripts to make my life easier. Here are some highlights:

  • bathealth - Shows live info and statistics about a Lenovo Thinkpad battery.

  • batsaver - Helps you prolong the service life of your Lenovo Thinkpad battery pack.

  • myvm - Easily start and stop VMWare services so that they do not drain laptop battery when VMs are not in use.

  • mfwifi - Helps the user easily configure a wireless interface statically. Very effective at solving connection problems at TU/e's Metaforum building. Eventually the university gave up on trying to solve the problems and shoved a few millions to retrofit ethernet plugs. This script effectively sovles the problem though :)

    • XSS Me strings - Default strings plus the ones in OWASP's XSS Filter Evasion Cheat Sheet, to be used with Firefox extension XSSme.